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NEAG's response to "consultation"

On the 14th April 2005 a team of 7 NEAG representatives went to London to present our findings relating to the educational debate in Northumberland. Those findings are shown as individual document links below.

A copy of the document was handed to all the 3 Party Leaders of Northumberland County Councils elected members and further copies have been presented to the new leaders. The previous leaders had time to read the document and consider the content prior to the April 19th vote. It contained many relevant details such as viable alternative models developed with the assistance of the DfES Innovations Unit, a financial analysis produced according to DfES guidelines, and a wealth of evidence of why our already successful 3-tier education system could be further enhanced and developed in a cost effective manner to meet the needs of the people of Northumberland. ONLY 22% of the people of Northumberland want a change to the education system - this document shows why.

As part of the preparation for this visit NEAG were offered a meeting with Tony Blair in the week following the General Election. This invitation was accepted by Tony Blair has so far failed to meet with representatives of NEAG.

A huge thankyou to all those NEAG members who contributed to this document.

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